Students for Trump is a student led organization run by students to help Donald Trump get elected to the Office of President of the United States. We are NOT officially related or working with the Donald J. Trump for President campaign, however we support all their efforts! Our job is to inform and mobilize young voters to vote for Donald Trump. One of the biggest issues in today’s society is the lack of political participation among the younger crowds. With social media being one of the best ways to get in touch with the younger generation, we aim to reach out to students from colleges and high schools all throughout the country. Our ultimate goals include getting teenagers and young adults registered to vote and to hopefully vote for Donald Trump.

How can I help?

The student vote is very important! The younger generation will be paying for what happens now in the future. So how can you help?

1. Spread the word. Let others know about the many great things Donald Trump stands for. Show them his campaign platform. Get yourself some campaign gear and flash it off! Tell your friends and family, especially the younger ones! There are many ways to spread the word. Put out a positive image.

2. Social Media. Using social media can not only help spread the word, but can also inform people, especially students since we use it the most!

3. Get Involved! We are always looking for people to work with us in supporting Donald Trump! If you have the time, motivation and love for Donald Trump, we want you! Visit our ‘Join us’ page to sign up and show your support!