How A Suitable Bathtub Can Change Your Life For The Better

How A Suitable Bathtub Can Change Your Life For The Better

Students 27/03/2020

Are you on the hunt for a perfect bathtub that has the power to brighten your new bathroom and become your one-and-only sanctuary from the “merciless” world outside? You must be  feeling so confident and optimistic about nailing this task! Anyway, how difficult selecting a bathtub can be!? It’s just-a-normal-bathtub, after all!

Then why do you mind reading my article?

Here’s what often happened with most of my readers – depart with expected victory but return empty-handed and totally surrender. I know guys! I’ve been on your shoes and understand how the failure tastes like.

Among “mountains” of choices of bathtubs on the market, you’re likely to encounter a splitting headache if you have no clue about what to look for! Let’s get this over with and come back as a winner!


When it comes to bathtubs, who said they can’t be as stylish and fashionable as clothes? There are several styles that can match with just any type of bathroom, each of which focuses on two crucial factors – space and material.

While the amount of space available in your bathroom decides which type of bathtub can fit into that space, the material has a considerable impact on your desired style as some materials are specifically designed for a style like copper or natural stone.

Here are some popular bathtub shapes for your consideration!

Freestanding Bathtub

One of my favorites and it isn’t difficult to see why! A freestanding bathtub is not only a perfect match made in heaven with any kind of space, but it also saves you from all the fuss of connecting these wires to those wires!

Speaking of aesthetic aspect, this bathtub creates a modern and minimalist touch to your private space. Moreover, its price doesn’t hurt your wallet as other similar-looking products on the market.


Ohhh this “babe” has been driving me nuts for weeks! Let’s imagine having an unforgettable night with your man/woman in a beautiful oval bathtub. You know what I mean *wink wink*.

This bathtub has a round and symmetrical shape, similar to those luxury and dreamy water basins in some royal-like movies. Probably working best for medium-sized apartments or houses, oval bathtubs bring out a more modern and contrasting look against sharp angles and corners of the bathroom.


Fear of slipping on the wet floor and clinging to the tub for dear life? This won’t be the case with a walk-in bathtub!

There are grooves inside the tub to devise a stable grip for walking in as well as handholds for better balance support and stabilization.

In my eyes, this kind of bathtub may not impress stylish couples because of its bulky and quite manly appearance. It’s better off as a gift for your grandparents as they’ll have a very pleasant and comfortable bath without a support team on standby.


Materials should be given top priority when choosing a bathtub as you probably don’t expect your dearest “best friend” to start falling apart and cause a scene, or even worse, threaten your safety.

Say goodbye to low-quality materials just to save some money! Is your life worth only a couple of dollars less? Make the calculation yourself!

Two things you need to consider when selecting the material – comfort, and price. Since you’ll spend a great deal of time in your bathtub, at least once a day, comfort is everything. Imagine feeling drained after work and waiting for a pleasant bath and come out later with a backache and soreness all over? How frustrating is that!

But – there’s always a “but” – the most enjoyable material may cause you an arm and a leg so consider your budget before making any decisions. Better not become a debtor just for a bathtub!

Highly recommended materials are porcelain, acrylic and ceramic as they look fashionable, plus they are durable and long-lasting.


Another important factor to consider when shopping for your dream bathtub. If you have a spacious room, go big for freestanding or corner style. For smaller and limited space, soaking, drop-in, or alcove types are your best bet.

One tiny warning: if you go big, your water bills will increase accordingly as more water is needed to fill up the tub.


The installation can be a time-consuming and complicated process depending on the bathtub’s size and shape. Overall, alcove and drop-in kinds are less of a hassle compared to freestanding or corner ones.

“Should I try to put everything together?”

Well, I advise against that! I know how eager you’re to show off your skills in front of your partner’s eyes, but it’s better to leave the work to an expert!


Consider carefully who is really going to use the bathtub! For instance, a higher bathtub may cause some trouble for your children and the elderly in the family.

Thus, keep in mind the height and physical disabilities (if any) of family members while coming down to the decision-making part.

What’s next?

After having your new bathtub installed, you don’t want anything to go wrong with it, do you?

Thus, let’s learn some basic tricks and tips in case something goes astray, start from becoming an expert at fixing A Bathtub Spout?. Believe me, this can come in handy one day!

Final words

So it’s basically everything you need to know before opening your purse/wallet and spilling money out for a state-of-the-art bathtub!

Let’s start the hunt and bring glory back! Don’t forget to share your story with me and other lovely readers since “sharing is caring”. Take care!