King vs. California King Bed Size: What’s the Difference?

King vs. California King Bed Size: What’s the Difference?

Students 28/04/2019

When you probably ask a sleeper if there is any difference between a King and California size bed, the answer would definitely be no! This is because these two sizes have many features in common that make people think they are the same. But one surprising discovery about these two is that they are neither the same in length or width.

While king size mattress is the widest, California king is the longest of the two. Although they possess some different qualities, it can’t be really said that one is better than the other. This article would make some comparison between the two.

King Size Mattress

King size mattress is also known as the Eastern King bed to some people. It is regarded as the broadest mattress at 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. Although there is no standard height for king size mattresses, it has a total space area of about 60,80 square inches.

This spacious area makes it an ideal one for people looking for a spacious bed for adequate comfort. Examples of king size mattress are Snuggle-Pedic Memory mattress, Tuft &Needle mattress, Casper Sleep Memory mattress, etc.


1. Large Space

For sleepers looking for a mattress where they can move around quickly without the fear of rolling on the floor, this mattress is a good option for you. It has its total sleeping area of about 60,80 square inches. This space can take two to three comfortable.

2. Big Size

Another benefit that comes with this king size mattress is that it is a large mattress. It is regarded as the broadest mattress at 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. It is the most suitable mattress for people who have bigger sizes.

3. Easy To Find Accessories

When you need a king size bed set or accessories, you can rest assured you would find it without many difficulties. King size accessories are available in all most all the shops that deal with bedding materials.

4. Installation

Most users when they are about to install a mattress evacuates a lot of materials for the bedroom. For king size bed, you do not need to. It is a bed that can fit your small bedroom perfectly and at the same time living space for the installation of other materials.

5. Price

Since you can get king size accessories in local shops, it tends to come at an affordable price. So you don’t need to spend a lot of purchasing one.


1. Not Ideal for Tall People

For users who are 6ft 2 inch or more, this bed would not be able to contain you, so you have to sleep with part of your bed on out.

2. Poor Edge Support

Most king size beds have poor edge support which is dangerous for sleepers who love to move their body all around the bed.

California King Bed

This mattress is also known as Western King mattress. California mattress has a long length as compared to king size at 72 inches wide by 84 long. It is an ideal one for tall people.

However, it has a total sleeping area of about 60,40 square inches. Even though it is not spacious enough, it can take a single person with full comfort. Examples of California beds are Zotto sleep mattress, Puffy mattress, Serta mattress, etc.,


1. Ideal for Tall People

Most sleepers that are about 6 feet and 2 inches tall always find it difficult to sleep on any mattresses. This is because it does leave their legs dangling while other parts of the are on the bed. California beds give adequate comfort and much-needed support for these people.

2. Better Edge Support

California bed make you sleep and roll your body from one area of the bed to another without the fear that you might fall on the floor.

3. Large Sleeping Space

With its total sleeping space area of about 60,40 square inches, this bed would take a single person with total comfort and couples with them complaining of one movement disturbing the other.

4. Safe

California mattress does not contain any harmful materials that might cause danger to your health. Sometimes, it has hypoallergenic that makes it a safe one for people suffering from allergy.


1. Scare Bed Accessories

Unlike king size mattress, California accessories most times are challenging to find since they are not sold in local markets or shops where you can find them. So, replacing a California set might be a little confusing.

2. Expensive

California king beds are costly compared to king size bed. The reason that they are scarce and are not much in the market as the king size mattresses.

3. Requires Large Space

Before you can install a California bed, especially if you have a small bedroom, you might be necessary to evacuate some materials from the bedroom in other to provide enough space for it.