George Guito Lombardi

Guido George Lombardi, a former executive director of the International Council for Economic Development, brings over 30 years of business, political, and academic experience.  As an author, his first book, “Liberta’ e Progresso Economico” (Freedom and Economic Progress) was critically acclaimed by Italian academics and political leaders, and was received by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.   His follow up work “The Value Matrix”, earned him high praise from American business leaders such as Donald Trump and Daniel Abraham (CEO of Slim-Fast).

As a political expert, he has served as the official representative of Italy’s Lega Nord party (Northern League) to the United States. The Lega Nord is the second half of Silvio Berlusconi’s ruling coalition of Italy.  Lombardi still travels to Italy to consult on Italian politics & economics for Berlusconi and his party Popolo delle Liberta as well as the Lega Nord. 

More recently, Lombardi has taken on the role of Executive Director of the North Atlantic League, which promotes positive foreign relations between Italy, Israel, and the United States.  In addition, he has become one of the leaders of Tea Party Italy, which has brought the values of small government and more personal freedom to Italy.  Lombardi is a member of the the Institute for Global Ethics, a professional member of the World Future Society, and sits on several boards for his philanthropic, academic, and political endeavors.

Ryan Fournier

Ryan Fournier is the Founder and Chairman of Students for Trump. Ryan is a full-time student at Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC. Ryan plans on majoring in Political Science/Pre-Law with a minor in Business Administration. During his Middle School career, Ryan became highly interested in Politics; especially during the 2008 Presidential elections. In high school, Ryan was apart of many groups and clubs from Teenage Republicans to JROTC. He attained the position of Battalion Commander and the rank of cadet Lieutenant Colonel while in the Army JROTC program at his high school.

During his tenure as the commanding officer, he promoted citizenship and community through the creation of the ROTC Academic’s and Tutoring team as well as adopting a road for the unit. Ryan has had numerous leadership opportunities throughout his life that have given him the ability to seek diverse opinions and excert a drive for success. He believes that Mr. Trump’s message resonates among all Americans and unites them to help build a stronger America for future generations. Ryan is a recipient of the American Legion Patriot Award.

John Lambert

John Lambert is the Vice-Chairmen with Students for Trump. John is honored to be a full-time student at Campbell University, majoring in Trust and Wealth Management, Pre-Law. At a young age his parents taught values of morality and deep fiscal responsibility to him. He comes from a family of multigenerational business owners who helped to build the infrastructure of America. While in high school he founded a private sector social media marketing company with some business colleagues. After striking success, he sold his company to focus on school, dedicating time to the crucially important 2016 election, and fixing his passion on capital investing and land development.

John believes that a free less regulated America is a healthier America. Supporting small government, against amnesty and low taxes he believes in making America Great Again by elected Donald Trump. John’s core values are focus driven professionalism, a moral focus on the American family, leading exceptional individuals to a goal met outcome, and sharing in the creation of a new American generation.