When Should You Start Shaving Your Head If You Are Balding

When Should You Start Shaving Your Head If You Are Balding

Students 15/03/2020

Are you starting to lose your hair? Is your hair that is once so look gorgeous and so full now starting to thin out in front of your eyes? Probably you are starting to ask yourself the moment you noticed your electric shaver lying around your bathroom, “Should I shave my head? Or should I just hang on to every hair that is left in my head?

Well, many men are struggling with the same issue. So you might want to read these things you need to consider before you shave your hair.

First, you will need to think about the profession you are in. Though there are already a lot of professions today that accept shaved heads, there are also still a number of a very conservative profession, so you might want to ask for some feedback first before doing so.

when should you start shaving your head if you are balding

How about your lifestyle routine? Once you take the shaved head route, you will have to shave your head at leaves once in every five days just to maintain that clean-shaven look. So make sure that you have enough time to maintain your daily grooming routine.

Why don’t you ask for a recommendation from your barber? I’m sure he can help you determine if you’ve got the ideal head shape and of course, scalp condition.

Well, whatever your decision is, there is nothing to worry about. Just in case you will not like how the shaved head looks on you, just keep in mind that you can always grow your hair back. Plus, this is also going to be the best time to explore on new stylish headwear; you will never know, you will get to discover a style that would look good on you.